Adventures in baby shitting


Look everybody its Mikey!^^^

I forgot about this, but last year we got given a disposable camera and asked to take some “awesome pictures” of what its like to be on the road. I think what actually happened was we got drunk and used them all on one night, so click on Mikey’s face if you’d like to look at some photos of a car park in Kingston.

We got some nice words from Hit the Floor

Also you can stream shit at Dying Scene,boom!

What else?………………………

It’s Easter! Chocolate and a 4 day weekend!!! It can only mean one thing. Garden centre to get some cheap perennials, bonfire and maybe even a car boot sale. I wonder if the Guns a Navarone will be on the tele? Amidst all that excitement we’re also playing Stockton Calling

Right I’m off to iron a crease into my jeans.


Test pressings arrived!!

So the test pressings arrived last week, Exciting times! We’ll have the record for sale next month on vinyl. We’ll also have a limited number of Japanese import CDs at the Iron Chic dates. For now here is a blurry picture of the test pressing, behold!…..


Here is a link to some kind words from “Get Louder Now” 8/10 not bad lads, not bad


Interview and sneaky peak (with/of Lloyd)

Our darling Lloyd done an interview for The Ruckus, its a brutal account of craft ale and wedding crashing! Go read his words and imbibe his knowledge.

You can also listen to a track from our forthcoming album on there, GEAR!