Rocksound Magazine album stream

RocksoundMainpageCroppedFor one week only you can stream our Debut album in its entirety on

go have a listen, if you like it check out the shop page for ways to buy it.

You can also pick up a copy of Rocksound and read some lovely words about us!





Warm Cider.

So Edith Bowman played us on her Radio One review show on Tuesday night, here is a linky I think you can listen to the show until next Tuesday.

Big thanks to Tom Aylott from Punktastic for making this happen and of course the Lady Bowman. It was really humbling to hear some kind words from people on Twitter during the show and we also enjoyed the not so favourable comments 🙂

Probably a good time to mention that our New video should be up early next week and it is for……………………Bleedin’ Heart Trouble, Yay! So if you liked what you heard on Radio One then watch this space for a visual treat next week.

Adventures in baby shitting


Look everybody its Mikey!^^^

I forgot about this, but last year we got given a disposable camera and asked to take some “awesome pictures” of what its like to be on the road. I think what actually happened was we got drunk and used them all on one night, so click on Mikey’s face if you’d like to look at some photos of a car park in Kingston.

We got some nice words from Hit the Floor

Also you can stream shit at Dying Scene,boom!

What else?………………………

It’s Easter! Chocolate and a 4 day weekend!!! It can only mean one thing. Garden centre to get some cheap perennials, bonfire and maybe even a car boot sale. I wonder if the Guns a Navarone will be on the tele? Amidst all that excitement we’re also playing Stockton Calling

Right I’m off to iron a crease into my jeans.